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(720) 550-0684 | 8992 County Road 6 Granby, Colorado | Book Now >

~We are officially open for Camping, Cabins and Glamping!

~We are only accepting guests that have pre reserved camping, glamping or cabins with us this summer. You must book in advance.

~Drive Up Check in is from 1pm-8pm. 
Please try to stay in your car and we will come to you.
Please have all your forms filled out before arrival so we can minimize contact with you.

~Lodge is closed until further notice.

~Bar is closed until further notice.

~Playground & Canoes are open and available, USE AT YOUR OWN RISK.

~Campground Bathrooms by riverside campsites are vaulted toilets that do not flush – the bathrooms will be cleaned with disinfectant 3 times a day and hand sanitizer is available.

~Tipi Bathroom is only available for glamping and cabin guests – please do not use if you are a camper – we must properly space out campers from glampers this summer due to COVID19.
We will be cleaning the Tipi Bathrooms 3 times a day as well and they have running hot water and soap at each sink with hand sanitizer.

~Store is closed – but we will sell ICE and FIREWOOD at check in and at designated hours. Saturdays 11am-1pm, Sundays 11am-1pm, weekdays will be random times – just find us.

More Detailed information to clarify all of the above….


Our Gates will be open for check between 1pm and 8pm.
Check in will be done in your car, this will be a drive through like process.

You will drive inside of our gate and wait in front of the lodge on the road for one of us to come check you in…..if we aren’t immediately there, it’s because we are showing another guest to their site.

We appreciate your patience!

We will verify your booking and check that you have filled out the AVR Waiver, the Covid19 Waver, and that you have read our rules and regulations – this can all be done digitally before you arrive.

If you forgot or we don’t have it, you will have to fill one out on our i-pad at check in, which takes time and increases our contact with each other – it’s much easier to just get it done ahead of time.

Any guests refusing to sign our waivers will not be allowed to stay with us.

We will have hand sanitizer available at check in case we have any contact.


We will have our Lodge completely off limits to guests for the time being.
It is easier to comply with the county regulations and avoids gathering in groups.  

There is a porta potty located on the backside of the Lodge in case you need it, the Lodge bathrooms will be closed.

AVR country Store:

Our store is closed for the summer, but we will be providing Firewood and Ice.
We strongly recommend you purchase what you need at check in.

More Firewood & Ice can be purchased during the hours of 11am-1pm on Saturdays.
If you are staying with us on weekdays, we are generally around the Lodge in the morning hours to help you get what you need!
We will have hand sanitizer available during your purchase.

The Red Dog Saloon:

We are still working out details of our bar.
As of right now we are closed.


The Campground Bathrooms by the riverside sites are brand new, we hope you enjoy them!
These are vaulted toilets – which means it’s a giant drop down, no flushing, no aerosolization of germs – less risk. Don’t drop your cell phone down there.
You can also use porta potties located near the playground and lodge.
Campers: please do not use our Tipi Bathrooms – these are for glamping and cabin guests only.

Hand Sanitizer will be provided at each campground bathroom for you to use before and after you use the facility. Please do not take our hand sanitizer, if you need some during your stay just ask, we are happy to share.

Glamping and Cabins:
The Tipi Bathroom is open for your use. 

We will be cleaning and disinfecting the bathrooms on a regular scheduled basis.

There are a couple of porta potty’s that are also available – one is at the playground and the other is located near the Lodge.


We are unable to disinfect the playground regularly enough to say it is safe, therefore we strongly suggest you do not use it.

Rather than taping off the playground like a crime scene, we just hope you will just respect our suggestion and acknowledge this is a USE AT YOUR OWN RISK scenario.

We are not going to police the playground and we do not have a hotline set up for tattle tailing about people choosing to use the playground at their own risk.

We respect your ability to think for yourselves and make the decision that is right for your family.


We are also unable to disinfect the canoes between each use.

They will be out and available across the pond on the beach if you would like to use them.
Please return them back to the beach when you are done.

Again, this is a USE AT YOUR OWN RISK scenario, and we are not monitoring or policing this.

If you would like to disinfect the oars or seats or sides of the canoe before and after use – GO FOR IT!

We are not banning people from using them and we respect your decision as adults to choose what is right and safe for your family.


Considering the COVID19 pandemic is a constantly changing situation, we may have new rules and regulations on the fly or update the way we are doing things here a AVR in real time.  We hope you will have patience with  us as we are all navigating these times as best we can.  We will have tolerance and patience with you and we hope you have the same for u sand the other guests here at AVR during your stay.


We are extremely grateful for your support.

We hope that when you drive through, if you are able to and feel safe doing so, that you will support our small businesses that are open on the way through.

Starting in Winter Park when you get over the pass, many of our restaurants are open for take out and would LOVE your support for breakfast, lunch or dinner or shopping on your way through.

This is not a complete list but here are some of our favorites along the way, run by local families and friends.


Fraser Valley Hot Dog

Charlies Frozen Ice Cream Shop

Durbar Indian

Sushi Nama

Casa Mexico

Rollins Street Bakery

Fireside Market Eatery (organic and natural foods family owned grocery)

Winter Perk


Winter Park Pub


Elevation Pizza

Rocky Mountain Roastery


Sunshine Market (also has a lot of organic treats and vitamins)



Fraser River Beer Company

Camber Brewing Company

Fraser Valley ACE Hardware – run by a wonderful local family

Fraser Valley Distilling


Granby Garage Roadhouse – outdoor patio!

Pearl Dragon

Java Lava Café

Debbies Drive In (great burgers before you turn onto Hwy 34)


The majority of Grand Lake’s restaurants, eateries, ice cream shops, are open and taking covid19 measures if you feel it is safe for your family to travel and experience this cute little mountain town!

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