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Arapaho Valley Ranch

8992 County Road 6
Granby, Colorado

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Camping at Arapaho Valley Ranch!

Arapaho Valley Ranch has various types of camping options. We have locations close to our private fishing lake, alongside the Colorado River, and in a beautiful meadow surrounded by trees.

Depending on the area you’d like to camp and the type of set up you have, you can choose from one of the following camping locations.

Dispersed Camping $40/night/tent – CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE

These sites are located in our beautiful grassy meadow right next to Little Indian Lake.  These sites are for tents and very small pop up campers only, so you will unload and then park your car in our designated parking lot.  We do not allow RV’s, trailers, bigger campers or large pop ups in this area, please reserve one of our designated big rig or larger sized campsites along the river.
Campfires are not allowed at these sites but you can use our Lodge Fire Pit for cooking, marshmallows and evening socializing – you will be pleasantly surprised at how fun it is to all gather together at the Lodge for cooking and marshmallows!
Bathrooms are located a short walk away!  We do not provide showers for our camping guests.
If you want to get fancy, we suggest trying out our Glamping options!

Riverside Campsites $50-80/night/site

We have a couple of sites large enough for larger rigs such as RV’s & Pop Ups.
Sites are between 25-70 feet long.

Some of these sites overlook the stunning valley of the South Fork of the Colorado River!
Each site has its own fire pit and picnic table!
We do not have electrical hook up’s yet.

For detailed descriptions, sizes, pictures and videos of each site #, visit our Book Now page, click on Camping!
Sites#15, #16,#17, #25, #31 and #32 are our largest sites ranging from 55-70 feet long.
The rest of the sites are between 25 and 35 feet long.

The smaller sites are perfect for one tent and one car for a smaller family.
The larger sites can fit a couple of families – 2-3 tents and a couple of cars and we can always help you park a car in another location to make more room for each other at these sites.

We are working hard on our camping bathrooms, until then there is a porta potty close to these sites and the Lodge is a short walk away.
We do not provide showers for campers.

Group Camping 

The Irving Hale Creek Site is a beautiful private open area at the back of AVR that we are renting out exclusively to larger groups.  Groups of up to 20 people can fit in this area staying in a combo of tents, pop ups and smaller campers.  This site is surrounded by Aspens and tucked up into some giant boulders nestled against the woods right next to Little Indian Lake.  The site has its own fire pit has one of the most gorgeous views on the ranch!


AVR also rents the entire ranch out to large groups for reunions, parties, and business retreats.
If you are interested in reserving AVR for your event, please contact us: [email protected]

Important information about Camping with us at AVR….

We do not provide trash services at Arapaho Valley Ranch. This means we are a “Pack it in, pack it out” facility- all guests must remove their own trash when they check out. We strongly urge campers to keep fresh food in coolers or tightly fastening plastic bins. We recommend that our guests burn any leftover food products and place any burnable trash into our fire pits, instead of putting it into a trash bag after use. This greatly decreases the risk of attracting wildlife and takes away a lot of the trash you have to haul out at the end of your stay!

Here at AVR we take fires very seriously. We are at the base of the Indian Peaks Wilderness, one of the most gorgeous public wilderness areas in our state. Our dispersed campsites do not have their own fire pits and they do not have fire rings. We do now allow any fires other than in the designated Fire Pits.  These Community Fire Pits become the life of the ranch each evening where everyone disconnects, guests visit with each other, the kids play, and we can all be responsible about decreasing the risk of fires together. We ask that you please respect our policies and if this upsets you in anyway, please select one of our designated campsites with fire pits instead of the dispersed campsites.


We do not have a restaurant or food services at AVR, and you are responsible for all of your own food and beverages for your camping trip!  There are a couple of grocery stores on the way in – Safeway in Fraser and City Market in Granby.  The City Market in Granby is about 20 minutes drive from the ranch.


Dogs are welcome at Arapaho Valley Ranch for personal tent and RV camping only!
Dogs must be on a leash at all times.
Dogs are not allowed in the Lodge, Tipis, or Glamping Tents.
We count on dog owners to prevent their dog from making excessive noise and being disruptive or aggressive to other guests. If your dog is deemed dangerous, harmful or disruptive, Arapaho Valley Ranch has sole discretion to require you to find other accommodations or call animal control if necessary. We will provide referrals to local doggie care services if needed.
Our Ranch Dog Roosevelt lives here with us and will likely greet you at the Lodge when you arrive, he is super friendly and is the only dog allowed off a leash and in the buildings, as this is his home and his turf!

Camping Accommodations

  • Dispersed Campsites located in various areas of the property

  • Reserved Campsite locations along the River
  • Campsites fees range in price from $40-60/night

  • Dogs are allowed on leash at personal tent and RV sites

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